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What to expect from treatment?

At your initial consultation a client record form is required to be filled out asking information about your lifestyle, medical history, hobbies, occupation and sports, which enables the therapist to determine what action or relevant techniques may apply for your treatment.

Please arrive 5 minutes early for your appointment to allow for filling out your client record form and to ensure there are no medical issues which may be affected by massage.

The massage therapist will talk through your problem areas and discuss how long you have been affected. They will look and listen for clues in order to provide an effective treatment plan, looking for the original biomechanical dysfunction and so healing the cause of the disorder, as well as the symptoms. If you have an injury or painful point that needs work, dont expect the therapist to only work on that body part, for instance, if you have a sore thigh muscle, you may favour the other leg imperceptibly to avoid causing more pain to the original affected area, thus causing strain on the other leg. Also, you may feel pain in one part of the body that is referred, meaning that isnt the part that is in fact injured. Remedial massage aims to correct chronic imbalances. The techniques may be gentle or firm, deep or shallow, depending on your preference and what the issue requires.

The massage therapist will leave the treatment area to allow the client to undress and lye on the massage table. All clients are asked to keep their underwear on at all times. Once you are undressed and on the massage table, please drape the provided towel over yourself. The therapist will knock on the door before entering the treatment room.

The pressure and style of treatment is dependent on your comfort and needs, if the pressure is too firm or soft, please let me know and it can be changed to suit your preference.

Following the treatment the therapist will leave the room and let you get dressed, then, if required, you will be shown stretching/strengthening exercises. Then payment is taken (cash only as we do not have eftpos facilities as yet), a receipt will be given for your health fund (if you have one) to enable you to claim your Health Fund Benefit.

It is best to stretch and drink plenty of water following any massage treatment, this assists in lengthening the muscles as they are now loose and relaxed. Drinking water after a massage assists the body in the removal of toxins released from the massage.

It is not unusual following Deep Tissue massage to experience light headedness or vagueness, this is due to the toxins being released. You may also experience soreness/tenderness for a day or two following treatment. To assist with post treatment soreness, it is recommended to take a warm bath with lectric soda crystals or radox bath salts.

Always tell us before the treatment if you:

  • Are or think you could be pregnant
  • Have a medical condition or are currently receiving treatment from another practitioner
  • Taking prescribed medication
  • Have a recent injury
  • Have allergies i.e. skin related allergies
  • Have broken skin or sores

  • Where are you located?

    Peninsula Natural Therapies & Fitness operates out of 42 Walkers Road, Mt Eliza. Off street parking is provided.

    Are you qualified?

    Yes, I graduated in June 2008 with a Diploma of Remedial Massage, which includes Deep Tissue, Trigger Point Therapy, Myofascial Release and Sports massage.

    I have also completed a:

    • Certificate in Pregnancy massage
    • Certificate 3 & 4 in Fitness
    • Short courses in:
    • Shiatsu acupressure points for Migraine suffers
    • Muscle Energy Techniques
    • Senior First Aid Level 2

    What to wear?

    This is a professional business and strictly non-sexual service, underwear must be worn at all times.

    Can I claim the treatment on my health fund?

    Yes, Peninsula Natural Therapies & Fitness is registered with the majority of Health Funds under Remedial Massage, allowing you to claim some of the cost of the treatment back. Always check with your fund prior to booking, as not all massage types are covered by every health fund.


    As we are only a small business, Eftpos/Hicaps services are not yet available. Receipts for health funds are given and you are required to send/fax/scan/email or present your receipt in person to your health fund. Please ensure you bring cash for payment.

    Cancellation Policy

    Whilst we understand the unexpected can occur, we reserve the right to charge a 50% cancellation fee when given less than 12 hours’ notice of cancellation or if you don’t show up to your appointment. Please provide as much notice as possible of your intention to cancel or change the time of your booking, as this allows us to offer the appointment to another patient.


    • 30 minutes $45
    • 45 minutes $55
    • 60 minutes $70
    • 90 minutes $110
    • 120 minutes $130

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